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Home is where the heart is – Kalpaka Builders Pvt. Ltd is a globally recognized Builder that has been committed to excellence since 2000 and has enjoyed an unrivalled track record of consistent growth ever since. The breadth of experience in the construction industry places Kalpaka Builders amongst the most forward looking and highly acclaimed Builders and Property developers in the region.

As a leading Builder, we offer comprehensive, sophisticated services unique in our field. We are differentiated by the breadth and depth of our expertise, in-depth local knowledge of the areas in which we operate and close working relationships with our customers. Our standards of quality, safety and technical expertise and our commitment to sustainability provide assurance for our customers and the communities that our projects touch.

At Kalpaka we are dedicated to creating the highest-quality homes to be lived in and loved. At every stage of the process, from designing to fitting carpets we have a picture of the family that will call our apartment a ‘home’. It is this focus on excellence and family that has been at the root of our success for over Eleven years. Our aim is to build apartments that offer you independence, security and convenience, in some of the best locations in Kochi. We have a passion for perfection and a strong focus on maximizing value for our Clients.

All the projects are designed and constructed according to the latest Specifications and technology. The Company is known for maintaining International quality construction standards and also for its ethics, transparency, reliability, Professionalism and reflexity.

We at Kalpaka have strong values: performance, audacity, courage, creativity & solidarity. At the same time, maintaining investor confidence and trust which has become increasingly important in today's global business environment.

Having built landmarks of committed service over strategic locations in and around Kochi, Kalpaka Builders Pvt Ltd has now extended its realm of service to other major cities.

With a team of efficient and dedicated engineers, supervisors and other officials, Kalpaka Builders leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the timely completion and delivery of all its housing projects.

At Kalpaka builders, our relationship with you does not end with the structure of a house. We believe in building dream homes and relationships with the proud owners. And so, we offer you an array of services so essential to every home owner, but yet offered by so few developers. All this and more just to re-iterate our commitment to you.

To this end we have focused our attention to the following spheres of activity:

  Home Building

  Interior Designing

  Home Care Services

  After Sales Services

  Home Loans